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The Nightmare begins

A routine mission on Space Station Helios turns out to be a real nightmare for the bounty hunter team. They suddenly face an unknown, highly aggressive enemy.


Explore and shoot your way through the overrun Space Station Helios and find out what really happened here.

Sci-fi Horror

The game is a tribute to sci-fi movie classics like Aliens, Starship Troopers, Event Horizon and so on. Implemented in retro style as a Metroidvania game.


Pilots, wake up!

You are awakened by a strange, godlike creature and your mission is to save the world from evil with your battleship…


Blast your way from one level to the next, with one friend or alone. It is all about fast reaction and to keep calm… because the enemys come in quantities!

Are you ready?

Do you have the skill to master a badass, adrenaline pumping twinstick-shooter?
No matter what experience level you got, there are 4 different difficulty levels to choose from.