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“Project Nostromo” is now “Swarm Rush”

“Project Nostromo” is now “Swarm Rush”

My current project, which used to be known as "Project Nostromo", is now called "Swarm Rush". It is close to completion... A lot of Horror and Action is waiting. The first free version will be released on Itch soon, stay tuned.  

Taking a break for awhile

Hey all, at the moment I am taking a little break in the field of game design, to focus on my art studies. But I will be soon back creating fun indiegames.

Working on a new game!

Hey all my friends, currently I am working on a new game, it will be a action/adventure (2D Zelda style) with some Darksouls elements, more news will follow soon!

Siam Twinstick – featured by youtubers!

MAFF, a nice portuguese youtuber and his nice girlfriend played Siam Twinstick in coop-mode: MAFF. Siam Twinstick was mentioned by Indie Games Fiend: Indie Games Fiend And ClemmyGames too: ClemmyGames