Join the Beta

Pilots, wake up! Everyone who is interested  in testing the first 3 levels of “Siam-Twinstick” can do this now. It would be nice if you play through the whole Beta and leave me some feedback via the Feedback-Form. Have fun!


Passionated Gamedesign

Hey there, my name is Tobias Gaertner and I am from Germany. Under the name of “Matchup-Gamedesign” I create passionated Video-Games in my sparetime. Here on my website, I will keep you up to date on my new projects.

The tools I use

For making games, the engine I use is “GameMaker: Studio2” from YOYOGames. I have used GameMaker since version 6, over the time it has improved a lot. GameMaker is a realy comfortable game engine to create 2D-Games for many different platforms. The programs I use to create graphics are mainly the well known from Adobe, like “Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate”. For editing and creating sounds I use the great and free Audacity.

At Work

At the moment I am working hard to release the first beta-version of my game “Siam Twinstick”, a twinstick-shooter which can be played coop up to 2 players.