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The Nightmare begins

Explore and shoot your way through the overrun Space Station Helios and find out what really happened here.


Passionated Gamedesign

Hey there, my name is Tobias Gaertner and I love to create video games in my sparetime. Here on my website, I will keep you up to date on my new projects.

The tools I use

For making games, the engine I use is “GameMaker: Studio2” from YOYOGames. I have used GameMaker since version 6, over the time it has improved a lot. GameMaker is a realy comfortable game engine to create 2D-Games for many different platforms. The programs I use to create graphics are mainly the well known from Adobe, like “Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate”. For editing and creating sounds I use the great and free Audacity.

At work

Here you can see me, testing my game “Siam Twinstick” at my homebase in germany.